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About Detritus Consulting Ltd.

Detritus Consulting Ltd. is a Canadian-owned archaeological consulting firm that has been offering a wide range of archaeological services and innovative problem-solving in Southern Ontario since 1993.

As a company that is committed to our clients, we strive to mitigate archaeological conditions efficiently with minimum expense and delay to the developer, while still maintaining the archaeological standards established by Ontario’s Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries and local municipalities. We believe in working closely with our clients to establish a strong relationship based on integrity, honesty and mutual respect.

Our highly skilled staff specializes in conducting archaeological assessments at all stages, and typically liaises with local approval authorities, developers, and First Nations communities on behalf of our clients to help expedite the assessment process.

When archaeological resources are found within a proposed development, whether on private or public lands, we will work with project planning staff to recommend site plan changes to avoid expensive impacts to archaeological sites and preserve the economic viability of a project.

In addition to conducting archaeological investigations, Detritus archaeologists provide assessments on built heritage resources and historic landscapes at 19th century homes and public buildings to satisfy the regulations of municipal planning departments prior to re-development. We also assist community and heritage groups in the development of heritage tourism sites and heritage initiatives as well as providing interpretive support.

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